Abandoned Places

Abandoned places book_600px

I bought this book from a local gallery, for no other reason than that, after flicking through the first few pages, I just didn’t want to put it down.

Henk Van Rensbergen is a airline pilot who flies all around the world and who likes to explore abandoned buildings during his stopovers.  He has been photographing those same buildings for over 25 years, and has essentially made an art form out of his urban explorations.

His photographs are just stunning.  Interiors and exteriors, landscapes and architecture.  He takes something that would otherwise be ugly and somehow turns it into something astonishingly beautiful.

The things that I notice, time and again, in Van Rensbergen’s photographs are the strength of his compositions and his use of natural light.  My only complaint about his pocket-sized book, is that although accessible (and relatively inexpensive), I would love to see these images on a large scale.

Van Rensbergen, H. (2016) Abandoned Places. Uitgeverij Lannoo: Tielt.