Anselm Kiefer


After coming across the work of artist Anslem Kiefer during my art class, I decided to have a look at his work in more detail.  This book provides an excellent overview Kiefer’s evolving vision, from his first major creative phase to the present day.

What I particularly like about Kiefer’s work, is the way in which he incorporates seemingly ordinary materials into his artistic practice.  For example, he uses charcoal, ash, straw, burlap, hair and plant seeds, sometimes on an enormous scale.  I find this process fascinating.  It seems to give his work such a tactile quality, and it makes me wish that I was seeing his pieces in a gallery, rather than in the pages of a book.

What I also like, is the accessibility of this approach.  It inspired me to find some similar materials to take with me to my final art class.  I collected feathers, sand, pressed flowers, and dried cut grasses from my garden, in the hope that I would be able to use at least some of them, in my final collage.

Biro, M. (2013) Anselm Kiefer. Phaidon Press Ltd.: London.