Assignment 1: Response to tutor feedback

My feedback for the first assignment was fairly positive.  My tutor concluded by saying that:

“all in all, I think that you have applied yourself and produced a sound first assignment that demonstrates your creativity, research and contextual skills”

I was particularly relieved to hear that my contextual research was appropriate for this assignment because, at the assessment stage for my last level one module (People and Place), I was told that I needed to improve in this area.  Thankfully, I seem to be on the right track.

A few specific comments from my tutor that I think are worth picking out here are:

“Finding ideas is often an issue with students and artists, keeping it simple and personally relevant are often the best bet”

This is exactly what I tried to do here and I am pleased that it worked out well.  I will definitely try keep this in mind for future assignments (and independent projects as well).

“In future I would like to be able to open images to a larger size (this is possible within your online blog) so that I can have a closer look”

I agree that being able to view the images at a larger size would be preferable, however I am also concerned about the potential for image theft, which is why I have kept the images small (600 pixels on the longest edge) until now.  I suppose that I could make my blog private to get around this issue but that means that other OCA students would not be able to access it as easily.  Alternatively, it may be better to keep my blog as it is, but then send higher resolution images to my tutor for feedback and prints to the OCA for assessment.  I will take some time to consider further the best way forward.

Finally my tutor suggested that I take a look at some other artists that work with photomontage and collage, namely

John Goto

Carolyn Drake

Gilbert Garcin

Please follow the links to see my thoughts about these artists and their work.