Assignment 2: Response to tutor feedback

Overall, I received fairly positive feedback for my second assignment.  My tutor summarised that:

“This is a sound submission that takes an alternative approach to the use of archives. The work is both playful and engaging. Developing an idea around the ‘scientific’ and the ‘everyday’ works well and evidences your ability to consider ideas.”

I was really glad that the incorporation of the scientific was something that my tutor liked.  I have a very strong science background so it was really exciting to be able to include that in my art work.  I enjoyed the process of including something of my knowledge and experiences in the final product.

There are a few specific things that my tutor mentioned that I would like to include here for future reflection:

“Maybe your background in Geology could have intertwined more with your photographic practice? It’s just something to consider in the future. Using our own experiences and skills to inform our projects often brings depth and a personal voice to the final images.”

This is a very reasonable point.  I approached this assignment, thinking of my own background in science as a starting point, but perhaps I could have adapted in order to utilise my, more specific, knowledge.  Geology is definitely a subject that has a lot of photographic potential, and it would be great to use this more in the future.

“It’s great that you are looking at contemporary artists and considering alternative approaches to photographic practice…Your technical application appears to be strong, the combination of analogue and digital approaches seems to suit you”.

I find these comments something of a relief.  In the past, my photography has always been very strongly fixed in the digital realm.  I am one of those photographers that does most of my work on the computer screen and very rarely (if ever) prints anything out.  The methods I have adopted for the first two assignments, where I mix analogue and digital techniques, is very new to me, but it has been so exciting and liberating, that I am quickly learning to love it.  I am extremely relieved therefore to find that it is working.

“Continue to develop your blog adding self-initiated research along with course material.”

This is definitely something that I want to work on.  I have a lot of ideas floating around in my head at the moment, inspired from recent reading/exhibitions.  I just need to find the time to sit down and experiment with some photographs so that I can (hopefully) advance my photographic practice.

Finally my tutor suggested that I take a look at some other artists who consider the scientific within their work, namely

Joan Fontcuberta

Sophy Rickett

Johan Rosenmunthe

Please follow the links to see my thoughts about these artists and their work.