Assignment 3: Response to tutor feedback

I was very pleased (and relieved) about my feedback for the critical essay that I wrote for assignment 3.  My tutor said that:

“You have produced a coherent, clear and well-rounded essay that reflects upon your question…Your research is evident and the results back up your argument.”

He also said that:

“Bearing in mind the vastness of the topic I think that you have chosen suitable examples, and ones that encapsulate and back up your point.”

So in that respect, all good.  The one point that he did raise, which will necessitate a little reworking of the essay, was:

“The editor and ultimately the proprietor of the newspaper/magazine communicates the images to the public not the photographer. It’s a complex situation rooted in political idealogy but one to consider even within a short essay.”

This is certainly a fair point.  It was something that I tried to touch upon in the ‘traditional photojournalism’ section of my essay, where I commented that:

“Editors had their own restrictions and requirements, which were outside of the photographer’s control.”

However, I clearly didn’t go far enough in addressing this issue.  I will certainly re-work my essay accordingly.

One final point made my tutor, was that it would also be worth looking at the work of some of the artists who were questioning traditional photojournalism before the advent of the digital era.  He did not suggest that I incorporate this work into my essay (since I am already dealing with a very broad topic) but he thought that it would be worth reviewing nevertheless.  The two artists that he specifically mentioned were:

Martha Rosler (The Bowery)

Allan Sekula (Fish Story)

Please follow the links to see my thoughts about these artists and their work.