Assignment 4: planning


As I have been nearing the end of section four, I have been spending a lot more time thinking about my final project for the Digital Image and Culture course.  Assignments four and five require me to “develop a project around the theme of identity within the current digital climate”.  There are two potential approaches for this that are suggested in the course notes:

1) “an autobiographical exploration examining how you relate to digital culture”

2) “a more critical examination of an aspect of digital culture”

I decided on option one, primarily because I thought that this would be the more interesting approach.

The two photographs shown on this page, illustrate my thinking process as I began planning for assignments four and five.  The first photograph (above) shows my thoughts regarding my relationship with digital culture.  The second photograph (below) shows my ideas about how I might be able to present this relationship photographically.

To summarise the main points:

  • Although I am very keen on digital technology for improving efficiency/workflow/technical quality etc., I am very reluctant to engage socially online.
  • My digital identity is predominantly related to work/study (e.g., geology and photography respectively).
  • The only social media site that I use is Facebook. I rarely post things to my wall and my privacy settings are as strong as I can make them.
  • The people who do have access to my data, only get to see fragments of me, and my personal and professional information, is virtually impossible to link.
  • My digital identity could best be represented through a combination of digital and analogue techniques (to highlight my reluctance to embrace certain key aspects of digital culture).
  • Self portraits that render me unrecognisable would emphasise my need to maintain as much privacy as possible when interacting online.
  • Since my online identity is largely related to geology/photography, I would need to incorporate elements of this into my project.
  • My final images need to be somewhat enigmatic, with elements that are not particularly easy for the viewer to discern.