Assignment 6: Pre-assessment tutorial

Since I plan to complete the full BA (Hons) Photography degree with the OCA, it is important that I get my assessment submission for the Digital Image and Culture course right.  I have already discussed some of the most pertinent aspects (especially regarding assignment 5) with my tutor but there are still some other things that I will need to finalise.

This is a list of everything that needs to be done prior to my assessment submission:

  • Assignments 1-6: print all accompanying text for hard copy submission.
  • Assignment 1: make prints for hard copy submission (check with tutor whether A4/A3 would be most appropriate).
  • Assignment 2: have book printed (check with tutor regarding best book size).
  • Assignment 3: edit essay slightly to reflect tutor comments and print.
  • Assignment 4: print test shot (A4 should be fine for this).
  • Assignment 5: edit book to reflect tutor comments, print book and get it embossed (must research local firms that can do the embossing).
  • Assignment 5: prepare selection of kusudama to send with assessment submission (check with tutor whether four out of nine would be appropriate).
  • Assignment 5: build kusudama box and make accompanying museum specimen labels.
  • Review blog and ensure that all links work and everything is easily navigable.
  • Write overall course evaluation.

I will discuss these things with my tutor over the phone and then make any amendments before preparing my final assessment submission.