Assignment 6: Response to tutor feedback


I found my pre-assessment telephone tutorial to be very constructive.  There are several things that I will need to do prior to assessment submission but they are all fairly straightforward.  The key things that I will need to consider are outlined below:

“It is important that the assessment team can easily navigate your blog and find the relevant information so really it is about evidencing all of this in a coherent way. Continue to add to your research and final evaluations”.

I will be very careful to check through my blog (and perhaps to have someone else check it as well) to ensure that it is coherent and easy to navigate.

“It is a good idea to include the physical kusudama’s within your submission and thinking about how they relate to your fictional text…However, the book is the final dissemination strategy so make sure that this is known to the assessment team”.

We agreed that sending four out of the nine kusudama as an example set for the assessors would be appropriate.  I will need to select four specimens that are similar in size (for ease of packaging/presentation) and that are relatively robust (since they will need to withstand transport intact).  I intend to imitate the style of presentation described in my fictional text.  I will also make it clear in the accompanying note and on the blog that although I have included a selection of the kusudama with the assessment submission, the book (and not the kusudama themselves) is the intended final product.

“It is a good idea to include an overview statement of all of your work submitted that evidences the positive aspects of your work and input…Keep it minimal and to the point”.

I will write an overall evaluation that reflects on my progress through this course.  I will attempt to point out my strengths and to show how my working methodology and ideas have evolved.  I will include this statement on my blog (here) and in the hard copy submission.  At my tutor’s suggestion, I will also include a menu/list that accompanies my learning log and directs the assessment team to the appropriate information regarding each assignment.

“We did discuss the idea of possibly presenting a short video on your blog showing a 360 overview of the Kusudama’s and maybe a preview of the book. This is up to you and it’s not essential if you are submitting the physical objects.”

I will look into subscribing to Vimeo to link the suggested videos of kusudama and book to my blog.

“Assignment one are unique images, rather than reproducible in a traditional photographic model, so do reflect upon this.”

This is something that I hadn’t actually considered.  We were discussing whether I should print my images at A4 or A3 when my tutor pointed out that as unique images I would be much better off simply including the originals.  I feel rather foolish that this didn’t occur to me on my own.  Obviously photography is usually concerned with images that are meant to be replicated, so having created something that is one of a kind, it seems crazy not to showcase that.

On a final note, my tutor also emphasised the importance of professional presentation.  I will endeavour to achieve this for both my blog and hard copy assessment submissions.