Exhibition: Plants in a different light by Jan Ramscar

Lacock photograms_600px

I recently went to visit this exhibition at the Fox Talbot Museum in Lacock.  Jan Ramscar uses traditional darkroom equipment to create stunning close-up photograms of plants, seeds and flowers.  On her website, Ramscar describes her technique as follows:

“Working in a darkroom, I shine light through the flowers and seeds and onto the photographic paper. Because the natural subjects themselves act as filters for the light, the images that result are in startling, otherworldly colours and are of arresting beauty. Each photogram is unique and unrepeatable”

Overall, I quite enjoyed this exhibition.  The images were very attractive and I felt like I could have spent quite a lot of time just sitting and looking at them.  What I liked most about them, was that they were unusual representations of common things, which made me want to stop and examine them more closely.