Exhibition: Regions of Light


I visited this exhibition primarily because of the involvement of Jem Southam, whose work I had never seen in a gallery setting before.  His large format landscapes focussed primarily on the changing seasons and the passage of time.  I thoroughly enjoyed looking at his recent work, but it was actually the work of Paul Desborough (above), that really caught my eye.

Paul Desborough‘s work, sits somewhere between painting, sculpture and installation.  His stretched materials and long paint strokes seem to hang in the air and have a life of their own.  They alter the flow of light through the gallery spaces to create something truly fascinating.

This was a reminder for me that art can be created and viewed on a massive scale.  As a viewer, being able to walk around (and in some cases, through) the installations makes them all the more powerful and evocative.  It is amazing to be able to literally immerse yourself in someone else’s vision.