Exhibition: Severn Sea by Richard Broomhall

Watchet installation_600px

I randomly came across this exhibition on a family day out.  Richard Broomhall’s multi-media installation, Severn Sea, takes the viewer on a journey underneath the sea to the fibre optic cables on the seabed, which form the basis of our internet communications.  Broomhall uses video, sound and photography to address issues surrounding our modern relationship we technology, specifically, how we shape technology and how technology shapes us.

What I found most interesting about the installation, was the way in which Broomhall created his own mythology to tell the viewer something about the use of landscape and technology.  The overall audiovisual experience was both mysterious and a little unsettling.  It certainly made me think (although, whether or not it made me think about what the artist actually intended, is perhaps debateable).