Exhibition: Strange Worlds – The Vision of Angela Carter


‘Strange’, probably is the best word with which to describe this exhibition.  It contained varied work (paintings, drawings, sculpture etc.) from numerous artists, all of whom were influenced by, or explore similar themes to, the author and journalist Angela Carter.

The gallery website introduced the exhibition as follows:

“Delving into the latent meanings of childhood fairytales and the twisted imagery of gothic mysticism, this exhibition pays homage to the dark and compelling drama of Carter’s visual imagination – brutal, surrealist and savage.”

Angela Carter used recurring themes of “feminism, mysticism, sexuality and fantasy” in her work, and these themes were certainly evident throughout the exhibition.  Some of the works were eerily beautiful, whilst others, were downright disturbing (for example, I actually made a pretty quite exit from the room containing Ana Maria Pacheco’s larger than life installation, The Banquet (1985)).

Overall, it was a fascinating exhibition, but also one that left me feeling a little unsettled.