Experimentation: Drawing and collage class – Session 2


This week in my art class, we worked more with colour; so paints, coloured inks and paper.  The morning was dedicated to painting and drawing around/over found photographs.  I selected several images from magazines and newspapers as well as a few scenic calendar pages.

Mostly, I used inks and paints to alter my found images although, I also used some simple collage techniques.  My early efforts were a little disappointing, but by the afternoon, I was getting more into the swing of things.

For the second half of the session, I used white emulsion and black ink to partially obscure a large panoramic photograph of a field of poppies.  After a little experimentation, I mounted my photograph onto a piece of gold card that I had painted in a complimentary fashion.  Finally, I broke up several lengths of twine, died the individual strands and dipped them in glue before using them to cover my collage.  I suppose I was thinking of the work of Anselm Kiefer, when I decided to add the twine, specifically, the way in which he uses mundane materials (e.g., straw and lead) to add texture to his paintings.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my finished collage, although admittedly, I could have done with a little extra time at the end, to add some more twine.  It has certainly given me a lot to think about in preparation for the third and final session next week.