Experimentation: Drawing and collage class – Session 3


For the third and final week of my course, I came prepared with some photographs and other, natural materials.  The photographs included my recent UV bleached contact prints (and the acetates), some abstract macros of ‘natural world’ type subjects (e.g., plants, rocks and minerals, and feathers), and some of the Hubble satellite images that I used for assignment 2.  I also brought along some feathers, sand, pressed flowers and dried grass.

We spent the whole day working on one main collage.  I was inspired firstly, by the appearance of some of the Hubble images, where you have vibrant colours emerging from the darkness of space (e.g., the Ring Nebula).  I took this idea and started painting over my photographs with black acrylic paint, using the outline of the rock from one of my contact prints as a template.  I created positive and negative images using various styles of painting (e.g., in some images I painted in solid black lines, whilst in others, I used a stippled brush effect, or used one of my feathers to create soft black lines).  I then cut all of my painted photographs in half and re-assembled them to create my final collage.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about this week, was the interaction with the other people on the course.  At several times during the day, when I was attempting to match-up my photographs for the final composition, I had people look over my shoulder and say “oh, that one would go really nicely with that one”, or “have you thought about putting those two over there”. It was very interesting to see what they thought, and to try out their ideas as well as my own.  This is the first time that I have ever been able to discuss my ideas with my peers at the actual point of creating something and it was a really nice feeling.  It certainly makes me want to attend more art classes in the future.