Experimentation: Results of UV bleached contact prints


Back in December, I started to experiment with the UV bleaching of contact prints (see here for more details), and a couple of weeks ago, I got to see the results.

Because of the way that I built my contact printing frame, I was unable to check how much the prints were fading during the exposure time, but as it turns out, both the pink and the purple paper faded surprisingly well.

I think that the purple image is the more successful one, probably because, the crystal shapes are more far interesting than that of the subject on the pink paper.  I suppose the lesson to be learned from this, is that this technique could work very well for shapes with distinct and interesting outlines.  However, the limitation of this technique, is in how it portrays the fine details of a subject.  The rock specimen illustrated on the pink paper for example, contained a lot of fine details, which were not particularly well represented in the final print.  Consequently, I would have to conclude that whilst this is an interesting technique that could certainly be incorporated into future work, the subject would have to be chosen very carefully.