Hiroshi Sugimoto

The second artist that my tutor suggested that I look at, in my feedback for assignment four, was Hiroshi Sugimoto.  Specifically his exhibition for the 2014 Paris Photo show, On the beach and PPTRD (pre-photography time-recording device).

I really enjoyed looking at Sugimoto’s monochrome fossil photographs (especially, the low-key ammonites), which appear so elegant and serene.  I especially like the way in which they have been subtly lit.  They look like they could have been taken from traditional, palaeontological, photographic plates.

Another element of Sugimoto’s exhibition that I particularly liked, was the academic-looking portfolio boxes laid out of the central, glass table.  The portfolio boxes are designed to look just like traditional academic publications, my PhD thesis for example, looks just like this.  The linen-bound boxes, are all covered in dull/muted colours (e.g., dark blue or green) and embossed with small gold lettering (outlining title and author on both the front cover and spine).

I love how, both Sugimoto and Barrada, have used traditional scientific/academic elements in order to present their contemporary art.  There is something about this juxtaposition that I (perhaps because of my own scientific background) find especially compelling.