Inside the View

Helen Sear_600px

I came across this book recently whilst visiting a local art gallery, and having really enjoyed looking at Helen Sear‘s work online earlier in this course, I decided to buy it.

The text, whilst kept to a minimum, is interesting and insightful, but it is the images themselves that really steal the show.  All of my favourite series are in the book: Inside the view, Beyond the view, Spot, and Display.  And looking again at the Display series in particular, I wonder whether any of Sear’s work subconsciously influenced my kusudama designs, specifically with regards to the geometric shapes/patterns and invisible fragments.

With regards to my kusudama project, I found the layout of this book to be quite useful.  The combined text and picture layouts are simple and elegant, just the kind of thing that would work well for my series.  Furthermore, the cover, gives me another idea for my book.  Sears’s book has a brown, linen bound cover, which is embossed with a red and blue patterns and matching text.  I need to produce a linen bound book for my final assignment (because traditional academic texts are almost always bound this way), but now I wonder whether, I could use a couple of colours and a simple geometric design (e.g., of a dodecahedron) on my cover.  Of course, I would have to investigate where I could get this done and how much it would cost.

Sear, H. (2012) Inside the View. Ffotogallery: Cardiff.