Jessica Eaton

The second artist that my tutor suggest I consider in relation to constructing and materiality was Jessica Eaton.

Eaton uses the camera’s ability to capture light and colour in order to photograph grey cubes over and over again on the same negative.  Each time she places a colour separation filter over the lens to eventually create images of beautifully vibrant geometric shapes.  The process is fascinating (although in truth, I’m not entirely certain that I really understand it).  What strikes me however, is that like Thomas Demand, each one of her images takes so much effort to create.  The process is lengthy and experimental (and from what the artist says in the article, is very prone to failure).  The fact that these artists continue their work, despite the intensive labour involved is truly inspiring.

Looking at Eaton’s work makes me think about the OCA assessment criteria regarding experimentation and risk taking.  Eaton’s work shows very clearly that even when experiments fail and even when the process is difficult and unpredictable, it is still worth preserving.  Because if you do, then you might just get some very rewarding results.