Nettie Edwards: Artist in residence at Lacock

Having recently done a workshop about the anthotype printing process, I was really excited to see that Nettie Edwards (an award winning photographer working with mobile phone imagery and anthotypes) was doing a residency, and more importantly public demonstrations(!), at Lacock Abbey this summer.

I took my family along to see her work, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  The demonstration included a clear and concise overview of the artist’s working process, but what was especially nice, was that we had the opportunity to see some of her original prints (which I imagine don’t come out all that often, given that there is no way of fixing an anthotype).

On a practical note, perhaps the most intriguing thing that Nettie mentioned about the anthotype process, is that it is possible to change the colours of your flower-based pigments by adding either lemon juice or bicarbonate of soda.  Both substances have an instant effect on the pigment, which I suspect will be a lot of fun to experiment with.

Since seeing Nettie’s work, I have begun experimenting with my own anthotypes at home.  I am looking forward to see how my resulting anthotypes turn out.