Project 1: The origins of photomontage

Layering 05_600px

Exercise 1.1

For this exercise, I was asked to “create a series of six to eight images using layer techniques”.  It was also suggested, that the images of the following contemporary photographers – Esther Teichmann, Corinne Vionnnet, Idris Kahn and Helen Sear – should be used as inspiration.

Personally, I found Helen Sear’s work to be the most inspirational, so I have included a separate blog entry about her here.

Using Helen Sear’s work as a starting point, I began to create my images.  The first portrait that I created (that of the young boy, with his back to the camera and his hands in the air) was intended to emulate Sear’s Inside the view series.  It includes three layers; a portrait, a landscape and a texture, stacked on top of each other in Photoshop.  Several of my other portraits were also influenced by Sear, in my use of texture and, in one example, my use of geometric distortion (as per Sear’s Display series).

A further three of my images were inspired by Esther Teichmann, specifically, her use of exotic natural scenery (e.g., jungles, swamps and caves).  I particularly enjoyed playing with these composite images, and turning the mundane, into the surreal.

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