Project 5: The artist as curator

Exercise 2.1

This exercise asked me to “bring together a series of 12 images (a typology) in which a particular motif appears again and again”.

When I think of photographic typologies, I always think first of Bernd and Hilla Becher.  Their grids of industrial photographs are so striking, that they have stayed in my memory since I first saw them.  I wanted to produce something like this for this exercise, but with a more modern subject.  I therefore began thinking – like Corinne Vionnet in her series Photo Opportunities – about the kinds of subjects that people photograph today and share online, e.g., sunsets or food.  I then tried to remember what I had been photographing this summer.

In the end, I settled on the idea of hot air balloons.  People love to spot them and watch them fly overhead, and at the time, it feels like you are watching something quite magical.  When the balloons are photographed and shared on social media however, they appear far more mundane.  I would like to think that by combining lots of isolated images of hot air balloons into a grid they might regain something of their airborne glory.