Project 15: Similar but different: memes, cloning and replication


Exercise 4.3

This exercise, asked me to “create your own photographic response to an internet meme”.  I decided to look at parenting memes, since I see a lot of these on Facebook at the moment (because many of my friends have young children).

The meme that I created takes a fairly well known piece of parenting advice and then turns it on its head.  Most parents will be familiar with receiving well-intentioned advice (whether from friends or family), that is in reality, completely unhelpful.  This meme acknowledges that frustration, and as such, most parents would probably find it funny.

This meme would best fit into Shifman’s genre of ‘stock character memes’.  It is something of a cliché and it uses heavy irony to mock the process of stereotyping, in this case, of the widely held and oversimplified advice that a warm bath is soothing and will almost certainly help your baby to sleep.  I can attest to the fact that this advice does not work for all children – as my photograph clearly shows!