Exhibition: Resonator by Paul Friedlander


I came across this exhibition by accident when I was visiting a science museum with my family.  Paul Friedlander describes himself as a kinetic light sculptor and scientific artist.  His exhibition Resonator, is essentially a huge black box, within which the viewer stands to watches waves of coloured light travel around.  It is inspired by the experiments of the eminent theoretical physicist Max Planck.

I don’t know that the installation does anything to actually inform the viewer about Planck’s theories on electromagnetic radiation.  However, it does make a viewer stop and consider the world around us.  I suppose the installation is more inspirational than informative.  It was certainly a spectacle for the eyes.

From a personal perspective, I just found it interesting to see a piece of art that draws so heavily from scientific theory.  It was especially timely, given my recent attempts to combine science and art for assignment 2.