Sophy Rickett

“Some of the time I’d find it really hard going, and would feel quite lost and confused.  I wanted to evoke a sense of that in the finished work; a sense that in some way we don’t completely fit together, that we are not occupying the same ground, and that there is a kind of resistance between us and the work that we do.  I’m interested in the sense that the material in the middle – the subject – doesn’t ever change materially – but that the interpretation of it is highly contested.” — Sophy Rickett (Photoparley, 2013)

After completing assignment two, I was really interested to see the work of another photo-artist, using space (and more specifically telescope imagery) as their starting point.

Sophy Rickett’s Objects in the Field series was particularly interesting to me because it involved a collaboration between artist and scientist, neither of whom, seemed to fully understand the perspective of the other.  In Objects in the Field, Rickett creates large-scale photographic prints from analogue negatives of the night sky, produced by Dr. Roderick Willstrop, inventor of the Three Mirror Telescope (The Photographers’ Gallery, 2014).

In her series, each of the photographs is presented with two different captions, one provided by Rickett and one by Willstrop.  This hints at the conflict between the two.  In a sense, the photographs represent the middle ground, the thing that these two people have in common, and that brings their work together.  It is a very interesting portrayal of an equally interesting topic.


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