The Photographer’s Playbook

Photographers playbook_600px

I picked up this book after flicking through it in the shop of a local art gallery.  The basic premise of the book is that the best way to learn something is by actively doing it.  As such, the editors have compiled a list of ideas/exercises/assignments/mini-projects/anecdotes/advice taken from professional photographers and presented them together, as a source of potential inspiration for others.

The collection is incredibly diverse.  Some of the ideas, I will almost certainly never try out, for example, creating a photograph of my best friend whilst nude(!).  However other ideas, have a lot of potential, e.g., to make a photograph/series of a dream you remember, or to select a photograph that you respond to viscerally and then make your own response to it.

I haven’t had much time to try out the exercises/suggestions yet, but it is my hope, that I will be able to use this book to generate new ideas when I am feeling a little lost/unmotivated.

Fulford, J. & Halpern, G. eds (2014) The Photographer’s Playbook. Aperture Foundation: New York.