The Photographic Image in Digital Culture

Lister book_600px

This was another of the books on the essential reading list for the DIC course.  Like Fontcuberta’s Pandora’s Camera, I gradually worked my way through the book, whilst doing the requisite coursework.

The book contains ten essays, each of which address the evolving nature of photography in the digital era.  The essays are informative and comprehensive in scope, as well as being fairly straightforward to read, but the tone could at times, be a little dull.

That said, I did find Stuart Allan’s essay ‘Blurring boundaries: professional and citizen photojournalism’ to be particularly interesting.  Not least because it very useful when I was writing my critical essay for assignment 3.

Overall, if I were to compare the Lister and Fontcuberta books, I would have to say that I preferred latter.  If I look back through the books now, when I am nearing the end of the DIC course, I find that I have a lot more highlights and notes in the Fontcuberta book.  So, for whatever reason (whether it be the style of the writing or the subject matter), it is clear that I found that book, the more engaging of the two.

Lister, M., ed. (2013) The Photographic Image in Digital Culture (2nd edition). Routledge: Abingdon.