Zauberwelt der Mineralien (Magical World of Minerals)

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After receiving my feedback for assignment four, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could best present my finished kusudama in an academic-style book.  It was at this time, that I found a 1970s mineralogy book in a local second-hand bookshop.  Given that I used to work as a geologist at a university in Germany, finding this particular book, at this particular time, seemed serendipitous.

Looking through the images in this book, I realised that these were the kinds of images that I was subconsciously reaching for when I decided to present my colourful kusudama on a solid black background.  I have seen countless books like this since I started studying geology at 18, but I didn’t realise just how firmly this aesthetic had become buried in my subconscious.  Having now spent a lot of time admiring this book, I am aware that publications like this, are where some of my early ideas for my kusudama project came from.

Interestingly though, not all of the minerals in the book are presented on a solid black background.  Most are, but others are surrounded by vibrant colours that seem to originate from one direction or another.  This leaves me with something of a dilemma because I could potentially present my finished kusudama in one of three key ways, i) as coloured objects on a solid black background, ii) as black and white objects on a black background, or iii) as coloured objects and a colourful background.  Clearly, this something that I will need to experiment with to see which works best for my kusudama.

Medenbach, O. & Wilk, H. (1977) Zauberwelt der Mineralien [in German]. Sigloch Edition: Salzburg.